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Announcing The 2021 Miami Mobility Challenge – Powered by I-STREET

The Miami Mobility Challenge – M2 – is an opportunity for innovative companies to engage in Florida’s fast-expanding and dynamic new mobility ecosystem — and aids Floridian students in developing their skills and network.

Current transportation infrastructure in Florida has been designed to move cars. Despite considerable efforts to account for other modes of mobility and users, transportation infrastructure is still largely auto-focused and dangerous to vulnerable road users (for example pedestrians and bicyclists), and can be an inefficient use of valuable civic real estate. The Miami Mobility Challenge aims to make quantifiable progress in saving lives while improving transportation / mobility efficiency and solutions on existing infrastructure by leveraging emerging technologies and associated data.


The Miami Mobility Challenge is aimed at improving mobility on existing transportation infrastructure using emerging technologies and its associated data. Data will be provided by the I-STREET real-world testbed, a collaboration of the University of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the City of Gainesville. The Challenge is open to innovative mobility companies around the world and to student teams from Florida universities. Companies participating in the Challenge will be paired with at least one student during the application process.


The winner of the second edition of the Challenge will be announced at CoMotion MIAMI LIVE, on June 16-17, 2021. The winning team will be invited to collaborate with the City of Gainesville (CoG) and/or Miami-Dade County (MDC) on a pilot implementation of the winning concept.

The finalists will be introduced to transportation policymakers in Florida and will be given a special opportunity to pitch their ideas and concepts during CoMotion MIAMI LIVE to an audience of international private & public mobility leaders, venture capitalists and investors. They will also be featured by Autonomous Florida.

We invite you to apply now, all applicants must express an intention to submit a full application by April 19.

Meet the 2021 Winner: Cambridge Systematics.


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