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William Chernicoff

Dr. Chernicoff currently serves as the Senior Manager of Global Research and Innovation for the Toyota Mobility Foundation. He defines and coordinates the Foundation’s research agenda, initiatives, and programs and provides technology guidance to projects.  With both near- and long-term perspectives, Dr. Chernicoff conceives, identifies, and executes new technology approaches that enable and improve the solutions implemented by the Foundation and its partners.  He brings a strong background across energy, technology, mobility, and climate policy from his prior work as a Manager and Principle Researcher with Toyota North America’s Energy & Environmental Research Group and his eight years with the US DOT’s Research Administration.

Dr. Chernicoff earned a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering at M.I.T., a Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management at the George Washington University.



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