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Victor Everhardt

Victor Everhardt (05-06-1968) has been a deputy mayor and alderman in Utrecht since 2010. His current portfolio comprises Deputy Mayor, Public Health, Environment and Emission-free Transport, Redevelopment Station Area, Youth and Youth Health, Real Estate and the district of Leidsche Rijn.

Prior to becoming an alderman, Mr Everhardt was Chair of the Trimbos Institute Youth Centre, policy official at various ministries and legal assistant to the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission (CGB).

He holds degrees in Law and History from Utrecht University.

Mr Everhardt holds the following additional positions: Chair of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities’ (VNG) subcommittee Youth, Member of the VNG Advisory Committee on Public Health, Member of the Board of the Regional Execution Service (RUD), Member of the Board of the Mainline Foundation Netherlands.



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