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Uri Tamir

Uri Tamir focuses on the technology, data, business, and regulations related to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). In his role, Uri leads the development of new markets for Mobileye’s latest advancements in collision avoidance technology, including tailored ADAS for law enforcement, public transportation, refuse vehicles, and specialized vehicle manufacturers.

Uri also oversees Mobileye’s push for smarter and safer cities and roads in North America, through vision sensors, data, research, and regulation. He regularly advises cities on best practices to achieve Vision Zero, and participates in numerous research projects with US DOT, Transport Canada, and universities.

Prior to Mobileye, Uri served as chief investment officer for Dash-Apex funds, an Israeli based investment firm with over 35 billion dollars in assets under management. He holds an MBA in finance and accounting, and a BA in economics from Tel Aviv University.



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