CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ Miami, FL


Tham Nguyen

Tham Nguyen serves as Senior Director in LA Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation. Her professional work has focused on the intersection of improving mobility, livability, and environmental outcomes. She managed the development of Metro’s 10-year strategic plan, Vision 2028, which is the agency’s big picture plan to improve mobility in LA County. She is responsible for facilitating the implementation of Vision 2028 and monitoring progress to ensure alignment with the agency’s strategic vision and goals. Her work in transportation has spanned over 16 years and includes leadership roles in multimodal planning, transportation policy development, and infrastructure funding. She currently oversees Metro’s transformational initiatives, including studying the feasibility of testing and implementing pricing strategies to reduce traffic congestion and exploring opportunities for expanding access to shared, demand-responsive transportation options.



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