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Regina Clewlow

Regina is the CEO and co-founder of Populus, a data platform for private mobility operators and cities to deliver safer, more efficient streets. Regina has over a decade of experience in transportation, where she is a leading expert on innovations in public transit, shared mobility, and autonomous vehicles. She formed Populus after serving in executive roles at a Ford Smart Mobility investment and moovel, the mobility services arm of Daimler.

Prior to her roles in industry, Regina received her Ph.D. in transportation and energy systems from MIT. As a research scientist at Stanford and UC Berkeley, she developed and led research on the travel behavior impacts of shared mobility services (e.g. Uber, microtransit) and autonomous vehicles. Regina was the lead author of the recent groundbreaking study Disruptive Transportation: The Adoption, Utilization, and Impacts of Ride-Hailing in the United States. She has received several awards and distinctions, including: National Engineers Week “New Face of Engineering”, EPA STARS Fellow, MIT Energy Fellow, and Department of Transportation Eisenhower Fellow.



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