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Pras Ganesh

A lawyer by education, Pras pursued his Masters in International Relations in Japan and the United States. He spent his initial career as an in-house legal advisor, and thereafter as a management consultant.

For the last 15 years he has been in Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan and Europe, with experience in Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, and External Affairs. During his time in HR he was responsible for Global Employee and Industrial Relations, HR Resource Management and HR Development. In Finance he led teams on Tax & Audit and Profit Planning for Europe. Currently he is responsible for Global Strategic Planning in the External Affairs Function.

Pras is concurrently Program Director for the Toyota Mobility Foundation, responsible for the Asia-Pacific Region. In this role he is overseeing three projects in Thailand, Vietnam and India on issues related to multi-modal mobility. In a world with mounting mobility challenges, Toyota believes that enabling people to move freely is essential to unleashing human potential; that’s why the Toyota Mobility Foundation was set up to use Toyota’s know-how in partnership with universities, governments and non-profit organizations to address the mobility issues of tomorrow today



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