CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL


Peter Glus

Mr. Glus has been engaged in planning, design, and construction of large and complex projects over the past 25 years. In the public engineering field, he was Principle in Charge of multiple billion-dollar capital programs, including the South Nassau County Resiliency Program (1.5B), Hillview Reservoir Design (1.6B), NYC Heath and Hospital’s Post Sandy Improvements (1.7B), and the design of over 20 design contracts related to the City’s water system. In the sustainability field, he is currently Project Director for DSNY’s Commercial Waste Franchise Design and Implementation, and is the principle author of the NYC Housing Authority’s Solid Waste Management Plan. As a transportation planner, he is Director of Arcadis’s analytical team in support of mobility consulting for US cities, the City of Paris, the Province of North Holland, and London. Arcadis’s mobility consulting currently focuses on services for governmental authorities as they prepare for and adapt to shared mobility, autonomous vehicles, autonomous fleet vehicles, MaaS, and advances in ITS/V2I.



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