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Paula Bisiau

Paula Bisiau has been working in the public sector for over ten years. Her objective is to create a more inclusive and innovative city which improves women’s mobility conditions, specifically focusing on harassment on public transport and in public spaces.

Paula is currently an adviser for the Secretary of Transportation for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, collaborating upon and impulsing public policies in regards to road safety, walkability and promoting the use of bicycles as a mode of transport.

She supervised the implementation of Ecobici, the public bicycle system in Buenos Aires, and the development and expansion of cycle lanes and other initiatives that seek to incentivise the use of bicycles in the city. In 2017 she launched the first Integral Road Safety Plan for the city, whose objective was to reduce road incidents and promote a greater level of coexistence between different transport actors. At the same time, Paula focuses upon the gender and mobility agenda in the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, impulsing public policies which seek to offer equal access to employment opportunities within the transport sector and improves mobility conditions for women in the city.

She has a degree in Philosophy from La Sorbonne and a Masters in Urban Economy from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires (2009).



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