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Obinna Emenike

As a General Manager of Partner Cities at Via, Obinna oversees launches in new markets, developing the strategy and logistics behind our go-to market plan, setting growth goals, managing on-the-ground teams, and ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Obinna joined Via in 2016 as an Operations Principal, primarily focusing on driver acquisition and vehicle supply, teaming with individuals and leasing partners to build, optimize, and maintain a base of vehicles best suited for Via’s technology. Obinna leads Via’s platform deployments in Arlington, TX and West Sacramento, CA, where he led the effort to create a first-of-its-kind shared Metris van fleet, powered by Daimler’s Van2Share technology.

Prior to Via, Obinna was a tech entrepreneur, consultant to Fortune 500 tech and financial companies, and an investor in transportation and building product companies.



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