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Miguel Gaspar

Between 2003 and 2015, he was a consultant in the area of transports with experience in planning and transports engineering. In urban mobility, he collaborated in different projects, with emphasis on the parking regulation and urban logistic. In terms of public transport, he has been involved in regulatory, contractual and procurement issues, including the development of innovative on-demand transport initiatives. More recently, he developed projects in the area of the development of Intelligent Transport Systems.
He was assistant of the Deputy Secretary of State and Environment of the XXI constitutional government until he was elected to a councilor of Municipality of Lisboa, where he participated actively in the development of sectorial regulation legislation, including innovative transport solutions and where he provided technical support for the Ministry of the Environment regarding its role as Transport Authority. He also actively participated in the process of the transference of Carris (Public Company of Lisbon Transports) to the Municipality of Lisboa and STCP management process, as well as in the design of public financing instruments for the transportation system.
Nowadays, is the Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Safety, responsible of the Municipal Police, Municipal Direction of Mobility, Carris and EMEL.



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