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Louis Tremblay

Louis Tremblay is President and CEO of AddEnergie and its subsidiary company FLO. A pioneer in the field of electric mobility in Canada, he cofounded AddEnergie in 2009 while he was still a student at Laval University (Quebec). Over the years, Mr. Tremblay established himself as an influential and respected figure in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, as he guided his company to become a North American leader in EV charging solutions and the operator of Canada’s largest charging network. Today, he leads an organization that employs more than 150 people in 7 business places. Louis Tremblay graduated from Laval University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and pursued graduate-level studies in Power Electronics. He is Chairman of the Board of Propulsion Québec, Quebec’s Industrial Cluster for Electric and Smart Transportation, and a member of the Generation Energy Council, a 14-member committee set up by Natural Resources Canada to provide recommendations on how Canada can transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon economy in the future.



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