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Laura Ballesteros

Activist, expert in policy and regulation, Laura Ballesteros has a Bachelor in Policy Science from the Technological and Superior Studies Institute (Tec de Monterrey), and a Masters in Strategic Management and Direction of Innovation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Carlos III in Madrid.

As a local congresswoman in Mexico City, she drafted and passed the Mobility Law in coordination with civil society organizations and the head of the government, Miguel Ángel Mancera. The law recognized mobility as a right and established pedestrians’ priority over other road users. Laura Ballesteros served as Undersecretary of Planning of the Mobility Secretariat of the Government of Mexico City, where she implemented the Mobility Law through a specialized public policy for active mobility, road safety and integrated transportation systems.

Her first act in post was to install Vision Zero in Mexico City as Government Road Safety Policy. The first step of this Vision Zero initiative was the New Transit Regulations of Mexico City in which Laura implemented the seven behaviors that save lives turning this instrument into a road safety manual for the citizens. These actions have led to a 18% reduction in deaths due to traffic events.



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