CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ Miami, FL


Kamran Saddique

Kamran is the co-founder and Executive Director of City Innovate Foundation, and recently launched Superpublic with the Mayors Office of San Francisco, UC Berkeley and the General Services Administration (Federal Government Agency).

Much of Kamran’s professional experience is in financial engineering around new technology ventures, including smart city initiatives. Previously he served as head of investments to a company owned by one of the royal family members in Abu Dhabi, UAE and as an investment banker (VP of Private Equity) for Convergence Capital in the Dubai International Financial Centre, responsible for closing transactions of interest to the general partners in Real Estate, Aviation, Mining, Water Desalination, Carbon Credits, Health, Education, Media. Kamran has a Masters Degree in International Business from Aston Business School (UK) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).



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