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Johannes Grünenberg

Johannes is leading the German and Vancouver sales and business development teams at INVERS. He has a strong background in shared mobility starting to work in the industry at Daimler Rental Sales in Germany in 2012. With his 10+ years experience in sales, Johannes pushes his passionate teams to onboard innovative operators who are eager to make cities mobility rich. In 2014, Johannes pushed internally to adjust the sharing platform to work with electric mopeds. Today, INVERS has a 50% market share for moped sharing in Europe. He believes in greener and happier cities when congestion and exhausts are diminished. As a shared mobility enthusiast, Johannes is commuting actively multi-modal with moped-, scooter-, car- and bikesharing, public transit and his personal electric longboard.

In the past years, Johannes contracted major European players who have been growing ever since thanks to the most reliable platform in the world INVERS has to offer. Customers are Daimler Mobility, Renault, Volvo M and hundreds of startups such as Getaround Europe and Coup by Bosch.



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