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Joddie Gray

Joddie Gray is the President of UrbanTrans North America, an urban and transportation planning and social marketing firm with offices in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Toronto. UrbanTrans specializes in innovative transportation demand management with a focus on shared use mobility, behavior change programming, multi-modal planning, market-based policies, stakeholder outreach, organizational development and strategic planning.

Joddie has spent over 20 years developing and delivering audience-centered and data-informed transportation strategies across North America and the globe. She’s driven to create outcomes that increase the availability, usage, and viability of travel choices. Her most recent focus has been in generating partnerships and facilitating collaboration among transportation policy-makers, service providers and other key stakeholders to ensure new technologies, modes and strategies are more cohesive, relevant and enduring.

Joddie earned her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly Pomona and her Masters of Urban Planning at Portland State University. She is a proud returned Peace Corps Volunteer.



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