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Jay Walder

Jay Walder has more than 30 years of international experience in public transportation, including senior roles at three of the world’s largest transit systems.

Most recently, Walder was the Chief Executive Officer of the MTR Corporation in Hong Kong. MTR is regarded as one of the world’s leading railway operators, with an integrated approach to rail transport and property. Walder led the company to build on its success in its home base of Hong Kong with a growing portfolio of rail and property related operations in the Mainland of China, Europe and Australia.

Previously, Walder was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York and Managing Director of Finance and Planning at Transport for London (TfL). Walder has also served as a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he lead the firm’s global infrastructure practice and was a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Jay Walder holds a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton, Harpur College, and a Master in Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University. Walder has also served as a member of the Executive Board of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and as a member of the Executive Committee of the American Public Transit Association.

Jay’s favorite place to ride is the Brooklyn Bridge very early in the morning or late at night.



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