CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL


Janelle Wang

Janelle is Cofounder and CEO of ACTON. ACTON, Leading The Way. ACTON offers MaaS packages from connected multimodal vehicles to software solutions. ACTON clients are leading ride share operators, automakers and cities globally. ACTON leads and innovates with focus in micromobility space. Together, we make our cities better place to live.

Janelle is a Designer turned Entrepreneur. Janelle is an Innovative Leader with over 10 years of Brand Building, New Category Creation & Design Thinking for Fortune 500s to Start Ups, bringing breakthrough Products and Sustainability to reality. She was selected as one of 19 Influential Women In Mobility in 2019; awarded Female CEO of the Year in 2016; she was featured in WSJ, FastCompany, CNN, VOGUE, BBC etc. She also holds over 30 utility & design patents.



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