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Florian Lennert

Florian leads on all regional and urban mobility for NEOM. Prior to joining NEOM, Florian Lennert was founder and CEO at Future Lab Berlin, a sustainable innovation think tank and advisory firm focusing on sustainable innovation, urban tech and future mobility. Florian serves as chair of the European Commission expert group for smart mobility systems and services and is a member of the EU Commission expert assembly on smart and sustainable cities. He was chairman of the jury of 2017 Austrian National Mobility Award, member of the jury of the EU Transport Innovation Challenge 2017 and regularly advises research institutions, governments, municipalities, businesses and technology ventures on sustainable mobility and urban innovation. Previously, Florian led the design and implementation of a smart city district and living lab for smart mobility, renewable energy and future city design in Berlin, in cooperation with the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, Scheider Electric, DLR, WZB and many other partners. Working with industry, science and government, Florian also led the Intelligent City Forum which collaborated with MIT Media Lab, London School of Economics (LSE), UC Berkeley and a range of international partners in developing sustainable urban innovation, mobility and technology strategies.  Florian is a co-founder and fellow of the LSE Grantham Research Institute for Climate and Environment (2007-2011). He served as Director of Corporate Relations at the LSE from 1999-2007. Previously, he co-founded and coordinated the LSE Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (1997-1999). A native of Berlin, Florian has in the past worked with the German Institute for Urbanism (1993-1994) and the German federal privatisation agency (1992-1993) He holds a B.Sc Economics (1992) and an MPA (1997) from the LSE.



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