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Dr. Emmanuel Serunjoji

Dr. Emmanuel Serunjoji is the Mayor of Kampala Capital City Authority, Kawempe Division Urban Council, His Worship the Mayor is the Chairman of Network of Kampala Metropolitan Mayors, and he is the Chairman of Alliance of Kampala City Urban Division Mayors. Kawempe Division which is headed by His Worship the Mayor is territorial political boundary of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). Previously, he was the Chief advisor to the His Worship the Mayor of the same Division for a period of five years (2011-2016). Before becoming the Mayor of Kawempe Division and an advisor to the then Mayor of the same Division, Dr. Emmanuel
Serunjoji was a Deputy Mayor of the same Division between 2006-2011. He was the Youth Councillor of Kampala City, under the then Kampala City Council, between 1998-2002. He has over 22 years of political experience, and has travelled to many countries in Africa, America, Europe and other continents where he has presented a number of papers in conferences pertaining to the development of Cities and their communities.



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