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Dick Alexander

Dick Alexander oversees business development efforts for Transdev North America and has helped the business grow to $1.6 billion in revenues over his 15-year tenure with the company.

Dick is responsible for developing partnerships with cities, counties and transit agencies to manage and operate public transit systems, ranging from small start-up projects, to large transportation entities. He is also responsible for business development opportunities in the Rail, Streetcar, Paratransit and On Demand divisions of the company.

Dick is deeply experienced in structuring business relationships and contracts client objectives to ensure high standards for quality, efficiency and passenger care. He leads many of the company’s strategic initiatives including innovative technology partnerships, service design and new product development.

Dick started his career in the transit industry as a transportation planner and later a system manager. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s of Business Administration from Xavier University.



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