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Dale Seiden

Dale started of his career in his family’s business, manufacturing high-end custom commercial stainless steel kitchen equipment, Besides running the innovation think tank, Dale held the position of VP & Director of Sales & Marketing and was responsible for hotel and restaurant chains worldwide. He also specialized in working with celebrity chefs and foodservice restaurateurs developing custom kitchen systems to meet their speciality needs.

Dale founded Alfresco grills in 2000 and pioneered what is now described as, “the outdoor kitchen”. Here he leveraged his commercial design experience in restaurant kitchens by developing the most comprehensive line of restaurant inspired outdoor appliances available today. Prior to that, in 1986, he started Bar Equipment Corporation of America (BECA) where in addition to manufacturing commercial restaurant equipment solutions, he launched LYNX Residential Gourmet Grills.

Dale has been featured on the E Channel, Modern Living with Kathy Ireland and the Wall Street Journal to name a few.



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