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Christophe Najdovski

Christophe Najdovski was born in Paris, in 1969, from Macedonian parents. He graduated from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne with a Master in environmental economics. He started his carrier as a high school teacher of economics and social politics in Paris and its area.

In 1993, Christophe Najdovski joined the green party “Les Verts”. In 2001, he was elected at the Paris City Council and named deputy mayor in charge of transports of Paris 12th district. Re-elected in 2008, Christophe Najdovski became deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of childhood policy. In April 2014, Anne Hidalgo, new mayor of Paris, appointed him as deputy mayor in charge of transports and public space. His 4 main goals for the term of his mandate are: to reduce atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, to promote a better mobility for everyone, regardless of age or social condition, to restore the passage of the Seine riverside and the canals banks, and to give back the public space to pedestrians and cyclists.



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