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Brogan BamBrogan

Brogan BamBrogan has more than 20 years of experience in engineering design, manufacturing and materials in the aerospace and automative industries. Before founding Arrivo, Brogan started Hyperloop One in his garage in the fall of 2014 and grew a world class team to greater than 150 people in less than 18 months. He led the vision and drove the technology development, actively supported fundraising of over $120M and built worldwide relationships with potential customers, key corporate partners and investors. From May 2003 to January 2013, Brogan worked in various senior roles at SpaceX, most recently as Senior Staff Engineer, Propulsion. He had primary design responsibility for Kestrel, the upper stage engine of the Falcon 1 rocket, and supported hardware through development, fabrication, assembly, qualification and final integration. He also led the early design of the Dragon spacecraft, including detailed work on the Draco thrusters and the primary heat shield. Brogan supported numerous other technology developments, including zero-g propellant tank design, Dragon escape thruster layout, engine bay RUD containment, nozzle thermal imaging, ultra-low cost chamber design and many other innovations. Prior to SpaceX, Brogan worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer, Spacecraft, Propulsion and Lasers, at Northrup Grumman from June 1996 to April 2001. He designed solar arrays for Geolite spacecraft, developed laser solutions for Airborne Laser (ABL) and other programs, and developed a non-toxic RCS thruster solution for NASA’s Space Shuttle. From June 1994 to June 1996, Brogan was a Design & Manufacturing Engineer at Chrysler Motors, where he designed body panels for Dodge Ram trucks and tooling to support production of 400,000 units per year, and managed suppliers and led installation of tooling in production plants. Brogan earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University (formerly known as GMI Engineering & Management University). Brogan grew up in Michigan.



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