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The British Consulate Invites You to CoMotion LA

October 9, 2019

CoMotion LA prides itself on bringing the whole world together, to work towards improving mobility across the globe. That’s why the British Consulate has partnered with us, to share with you the best of UK transport and the bright new companies and ideas emerging from the Isles.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with CoMotion. The UK is a global leader in innovative transportation and combating climate change, two objectives which must go hand in hand. Our Future of Mobility Grand Challenge unites government, industry and academia behind a collective effort to transform the way we move people, goods and services while reducing our carbon emissions. Los Angeles is a great, visionary city experimenting with how the transportation revolution can transform our lives – from micromobility, to autonomous vehicles to public procurement. CoMotion is a great opportunity to convene international leaders from all of these sectors in one place.”

– Michael Howells | Consul General | British Consulate-General Los Angeles

Join and learn from the next generation of great British mobility companies:



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