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NewCities Launches LA CoMotion, Innovative Global Event in Los Angeles on the Future of Urban Mobility

November 30, 2016

 Inaugural edition of LA CoMotion to take place November 15-19, 2017 throughout the famed Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

 LA CoMotion brings together emerging global ecosystem around new mobility in an animated, interactive event featuring demonstrations of nextgen mobility and transportation.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: LA CoMotion underscores that Los Angeles is the “center of smart and innovative global thinking about mobility in the future.”

Los Angeles, California and Montréal, Canada – November 30, 2016. NewCities Foundation today announced an ambitious new annual event on the future of urban mobility, LA CoMotion. LA CoMotion is a hybrid event celebrating the future of mobility through conferences and workshops with global mobility leaders, as well as extensive demos and exhibition spaces throughout Los Angeles’ vibrant Arts District.

The five-day annual event gathers urban mobility players from cities around the world — from scrappy start-ups to the world’s largest transportation companies, from VC firms investing in new mobility solutions to vehicle design shops, public transport authorities and cutting edge research labs at leading global universities. Participants include leaders from across this emerging urban mobility ecosystem whose goal is making our cities move more efficiently and effectively.

Taking place in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting and creative cities, LA CoMotion is designed to transform the city’s Arts District into an animated and interactive venue demonstrating the latest developments in mobility, from autonomous vehicles, drones and car and-bike sharing pioneers to the world’s most innovative public transportation solutions. Across the neighborhood, there will be test tracks, drone races, vehicle demos and show-and-tell activations.

Los Angeles is a natural leader of the new mobility revolution. As the city that invented the culture of the automobile, L.A. is now taking bold steps to reimagine mobility in the decades ahead. L.A.’s Mobility 2035 Plan, adopted last year by the Los Angeles City Council, aims to radically transform how Angelinos will move around their city in the future. And on November 8, Los Angeles County voters massively adopted Measure M, designed to raise billions of dollars of new funds for transportation projects in and around Los Angeles.

John Rossant, Chairman, NewCities said: “Urban mobility is driving change in cities around the world and the incredible rate of innovation in recent years has redefined our experience in cities. Advancements that are underway in the urban mobility world – car-sharing, Mobility as a Service solutions, drones, data and, of course, autonomous vehicles – will transform the urban world more than anything else over the next ten years. Long the iconic city of the motor car, Los Angeles is now set to lead the way in changing how we move through 21st century cities.”

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, said: “Los Angeles is making bold and historic investments in transportation infrastructure that will transform how people connect with the people and places they love. L.A. is redefining urban mobility in the 21st century — and we welcome the energy and innovative ideas that the LA CoMotion conference will bring to our city and region.”

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