CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ AI Center, Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus

Rebecca Blum

Rebecca Blum

Rebecca is a Senior Strategist at frog, a global design and strategy firm. At frog, she works with clients from start-ups to Fortune 500s to design new experiences and bring new products and services to market. She has consulted for clients across industries, including Google, Visa, and the Nike Foundation; with individual entrepreneurs in post-conflict and emerging markets; and with early-stage start-ups in Silicon Valley. She holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and has led workshops on design thinking and business model design at Yale and frog. In addition to consulting and teaching, she enjoys writing, and has published on technology and design in VentureBeat, FastCompany, and Business Insider. She also likes subway maps, improv, and puns.


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