CoMotion 2024: May 6-7 │ Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL

Molly Fowler

Molly Fowler

Molly drives partnerships to deploy technology that improves quality of life in cities. She is especially interested in models that privilege the social sphere, aligning commercial and municipal needs to drive community outcomes. Recently, she’s focused on the London-based launch of LinkUK, a national urban connectivity network deployed across the UK. There, Molly leads political engagement and community-driven product development, helping move Britain’s largest telecommunications company towards a 5G future. Previously Mollyserved as Deputy Director of Communications for the LA Mayor’s Office where she advised on technology, sustainability, and economic development policy. Prior to that, she helped elect socially-minded leaders like L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Rep. Lois Capps (CA-24).


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