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Mitch Moore

Mitch Moore

Mitch Moore is the current Marketing Manager for Blue LA: a 100% electric vehicle self-service car sharing program that will launch in 2018. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Moore’s expertise spans the development of new customer acquisition campaigns, marketing and communications, and successfully launching new products, services and brands to national markets via integrated marketing approaches. His extensive list of clients includes Sony, American Express, Canon and AT&T U-Verse. Beyond his ability to attract new business and loyal customers of such prominent companies, Moore also cares deeply about education and making better choices for our environment.

In 2016 he successfully led a student-oriented campaign of Energy Upgrade California, educating close to 8000 California students on how to make substantive changes to protect our state and reach our energy goals. Now with Blue LA, Moore will not only bring positive changes to our environment, but also to underserved communities of Los Angeles with the provision of this affordable car sharing program. Moore is a true innovator and will always bring his passion, dedication, and expertise to his projects.


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