CoMotion 2023: May 10-11 | PortMiami, Terminal J


Blair Schlecter

Blair Schlecter is the Director of Economic Development and Government Affairs for the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.  In his role, Blair advocates for businesses in the Beverly Hills and surrounding area and promotes and executes a number economic development efforts, including attracting and retaining businesses to the area and promoting new opportunities in a variety of areas including the technology and innovation sectors.

Prior to that, Blair held a number of roles, including serving on the planning and legal team for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and practicing as an attorney where he represented companies and municipalities in a variety of complex legal subjects.

Blair is deeply involved in the transportation field and new mobility issues, including authoring several articles on the potential impact of autonomous vehicles, promoting investment in advanced transportation in the Los Angeles region, and involvement in WTS-LA, LAEDC’s e4 Mobility Alliance and other transportation advocacy efforts.



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